Our drinks

Fizzy drinks for good health!

We make fresh fermented drinks with friendly bacteria. Our drinks are water kefirs.


Water kefir is a fizzy soft drink containing a live culture of friendly bacteria and yeast. It is brewed using a scoby, water kefir grains, that are fermented in a sugar-water solution to create a drink that is low in sugar and calories but packed with beneficial bacteria. The name, kefir,  derives from the Turkish "keif" meaning "feel good".


Our flavours

Cultured Ginger with organic lemon and figs,

Cultured Orange with turmeric, black pepper and dates,

Cultured Lemon with mint and figs.

We also make changing seasonal brews with fruits, flowers, herbs and teas sourced locally.

We only use ingredients that are organic or grown naturally without chemical sprays or pesticides. 

Our delicious drinks are unpasturised, dairy free, free from articicial sugars and preservatives and made in small batches in north London.


Free local deliveries

We are currently offering free local deliveries in our area of north London. Please get in touch if you are interested in trying a regular bottle.